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Our 2021 Newsletter is now available

HMMC has published an article describing 19 years of shore counts in Marine Mammal Science. It describes the rise in local humpback numbers over time and the sudden drop in 2016. The paper discusses how warmer waters in Alaska leads to lower humpback whales numbers in Hawai'i.

HMMC's own Christine Gabriele was recently published an article on the decrease in underwater sound levels during the COVID-19 pandemic in Glacier Bay National Park. You can also see her interviewed by French TV.

Christine Gabriele was featured in the documentary The Year the Earth Changed. She described the changes in the soundscape of Glacier Bay National Park brought on by the pause in vessel traffic. She also described recording possible mom and calf calls

HMMC's own Yin, aka Suzanne Yin, has been named to the inaugural class of Society for Marine Mammalogy Fellows for her consistent collection of high quality cetacean abundance and behavior data. We are so proud of her!

HMMC conducted a 2020 field season between January and March and we are currently working on the data. Please wear a mask and stay safe!

February 2020: Chris Gabriele gave a lecture on "Humpback Whales in Glacier Bay National Park: Navigating Oceans of Change" at the Mokupāpapa Discovery Center in Hilo

December 2019: Chris Gabriele and Adam Frankel presented speed talks at the World Marine Mammal Conference in Barcelona

June 2019: Cornell published an article on our collaboration with Katy Payne and Annie Lewandowski

May 2019: HMMC Data presented at Marine Mammal Commission meeting in Kona

September 2018: Chris Gabriele and others discuss the recent changes in humpback whale numbers

March 2018: Our research into the causes of dermal nodules or "bumps" on humpback whales is featured in Science News!

April 19, 2018: Adam Frankel presented research on predicting humpback acoustic exposure to vessel noise at NOAA headquarters.

The paper describing the work can be downloaded here

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Mike Hoffhines was part of the University of Hawai‘i Whale Research Project in the 1990's. While he was a Computer Engineer by trade, he remained interested in marine mammals and frequently returned to help HMMC in the field collecting data. He was always a shining light and a talented scientist. Sadly, we lost Mike to cancer in 2013. We all miss him, his humor, and his love for the ocean and its inhabitants

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